School of Intelligence (S.o.I) was established in 2019, to seek for the research and education in the arena of Artificial Intelligence. It is the sixteenth college of Hanyang University that seeks for wedding the other 15 colleges for a wider interdisciplinary research. The main mission of the School is thus to make new intelligences of the problems from all disciplines, for which the new techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, cognitive computing, and other latest computational and cognitive computing methods.

At the undergraduate level, it proposes two departments: Department of Data Sciences, Department of Cognitive Sciences. For the graduate studies of data science, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and virtual reality, an overarching interdisciplinary lab (Imagine x Lab) would present a springboard for enriching interdisciplinary research portfolios.

We believe, in an age of dissolving boundaries by AI & Cognition, School of Intelligence is so strategic to bridge how we use artificial intelligence, human intelligence for the greater good of other disciplinary studies.

Department of Data Sciences is a discipline focussing on datytics, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence that is a superset of these research arenas.

Department of Cognitive Sciences is a discipline focussing on cognitive psychology, knowledge representation and inferences, decision-making that closely tied to new Intelligence design.

Master/Ph.D Graduates

School of Intelligence provides a single research platform called Imagine x Lab. Instead of each professor’s separate small laboratory, all the professors and researchers are working together in Imagine x Lab. At Imagine x Lab, each postgraduate student is supervised by, at least two, supervisors (academia/industry) to oversee their academic breakthroughs and new industry-leading modules for today’s in-demand areas.

Our curriculum is flexible and project-based, by which postgraduate students learn self-management and self-motivation to advance in their work. One single most important qualification that we ask for the students attending in Imagine x Lab is to involve collaborative projects across multiple disciplines whereby new intelligence design with School of Intelligence would be urgently beneficial to themselves.

Imagine x Lab implements a particular training method that is different than most traditional pedagogy. Our commitment to this unique academic approach is based on project-based, intensive block courses (some are normal courses in order to be offered to other disciplines), for which this peer-to-peer tutelage method allows each student to possess the greatest merits in the arena of AI-related disciplines. We would like to have attract and accept the best-of-the-best students who are willing to acquire a variety of abilities, while inventing new solutions when faced with new obstacles. Students practice and learn to work efficiently in teams as well as individually. Acquiring AI programming and problem-solving skills, which are in high demand in today’s technology-driven workplace, allows these students to be fully prepared for their careers upon completion of their studies. There are three programmes at the graduate level as follows:

  • Master / PhD in Artificial Intelligence (sub specie, Computing)
  • Master / PhD in Artificial Intelligence (sub specie, Cognitive Psychology)
  • Master / PhD in Artificial Intelligence (sub specie, Arts Technology, Human-Computer Interaction)